MobileHelp® Healthcare offers the latest advancements in health monitoring and emergency response solutions to improve outcomes, reduce costs and streamline logistics. Offering a unique combined platform with Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) integrated in the same base station to offer a simplified end-user experience and reduced effort and cost for your organization. All systems come with a choice of neck lanyard or wrist button.



MobileVitals® Touch

MobileVitals® Touch blends the safety benefits of a traditional emergency response system with the added personal and professional healthcare benefits of RPM technology and video conferencing. The interactive touch interface allows for customization to support individual patients needs and offers the opportunity to white label your services to keep the patient connected to your organization.  LEARN MORE


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MobileHelp® Touch

MobileHelp Touch takes traditional emergency response system features to a new level with an easy to use touch interface and added features like games, video conferencing and more. Like MobileVitals Touch, this product can be white label customized to present your brand to the patient every day.    LEARN MORE



MobileVitals Classic

MobileVitals Classic is an easy-to-embrace telehealth solution for people who want to leverage the benefits of biometric monitoring while also using a PERS for personal safety in and around the home. LEARN MORE


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MobileHelp DUO


MobileHelp Duo is traditional emergency response system with the added safety of emergency response at home and away from home. This cellular based product requires no landline in the home.



MobileHelp Classic

Traditional emergency medical system with cellular connection. Protects you in and around your home even when you don’t have a landline phone.



MobileHelp Smart

MobileHelp Smart is a new smartwatch-based solution that advances access to emergency response. The new solution delivers a MobileHelp customized user interface to make it easy for anyone wearing the device to get help in an emergency situation. It also allows the user to take advantage of existing Samsung Health fitness-monitoring features available on the Gear S3.



*Service availability and access/coverage on the cellular network is not available everywhere and at all times. Fall Button™ does not detect 100% of falls. If able, users should always push their help button when they need assistance. Fall Button™ is not intended to replace a caregiver for users dealing with serious health issues. MobileHelp® is a registered trademark of MobileHelp®. Patented technology. MobileHelp® is an FDA registered Medical Device Manufacturer. 



MobileHelp Connect®

MobileHelp Connect® is a suite of online tools to help customers and authorized caregivers, such as family members, actively participate in the subscriber’s health and well-being. LEARN MORE



TRELAWEAR™ from MobileHelp


A new collection from MobileHelp®, TRELAWEAR is a beautiful high-end “smart” jewelry accessory that includes best-in-class emergency response technology when paired to a compatible MobileHelp base station or mobile device that takes you anywhere you want to go… safely. Learn more here.