What is personal independence as we age? Can we be independent with help?

As we think about independence, and beyond politics, think about the things you like to do – even just for fun. I challenge you to “try new things adventure.” What is that? Read more about it below as it relates to my mom (pictured above), who is painting for the very first time.

Jerriene Cordova is the Director of Telehealth Programs for MobileHelp. The following blog is her contribution to the many families living in multigenerational households and it is a reflection on what it means to be independent and aging.

MobileHelp provides technology to help individuals live independently with emergency help buttons and fall detection. And, MobileHelp also provides solutions to support better health management with remote patient monitoring (RPM).

Independence Day marks our nation’s independence and the dawn of our democratic society. Our freedoms and liberties in the context of politics are the gems we protect, generation after generation.

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Caregivers – The Unsung HEROES of Health Care

My father, Carpio Rivera


Rob Lowe recently posted an article about his family’s experience caring for his mother, a cancer patient. His article underscores the toll – financial, physical, mental and emotional – that caregiving takes on those caring for a loved one. Although many of us would do anything for our loved ones, especially in time of need, it is important to note that the sacrifices made as a caregiver can be costly in many ways. And, when one is in the midst of caregiving and juggling daily life, they often ignore their own needs and miss the subtle and even glaring signs that they are veering toward a personal crisis.  To help avoid this and help caregivers prepare for the journey ahead, the article also included helpful information about resources, training, and support.

It can be daunting.

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Diabetes Management: Remote Patient Monitoring – Connected Care for Positive Results

Telehealth Lends Insight

As a platform for both clinical oversight and patient self-monitoring, telehealth allows for insight into patient status between clinical visits. Types of patient-generated health data include vital monitoring, patient responses to surveys/questions, and real-time video visits. And success rates in diabetes management as patients make lifestyle adjustments are evidenced by recent clinical trials.

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Long-term Remote Patient Monitoring Supports CHF Patients

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), heart disease represents not only the leading cause of death in America, but also one of the most lethal, resulting in the mortality of roughly half its patients within 5 years of diagnosis.

This rapidly-progressive condition dramatically alters the quality of a patient’s life in a variety of ways, typically requiring specialty oversight with high-cost healthcare resources, such as urgent care, ER, and frequent hospitalizations.

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