“The Arch”


I had the opportunity to vacation in Glacier National Park, Montana with my son Owen.  It was an amazing trip and we were blessed with the chance to see several moose, a black bear, a grey wolf, and plenty of deer and other wildlife.  We biked the legendary Going-to-the-Sun road (I recommend this for everyone!) and spent a week surrounded by some of the most amazing natural beauty I have seen.  It was a great chance to recharge and reflect on many things without the hustle and bustle of the office.

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The power of positive feedback


I received a call today from the CEO of one of our partners that is using our telehealth solution.  The call was not scheduled and started with “I wanted to call to give you some feedback on your product.”

I hope you can appreciate my immediate anxiety.  Usually, this is not how good or positive calls start. I guess you can compare the initial reaction or overall feeling to receiving a call from your child’s school or principal with an opening statement of “I would like you to know what your kid did today.”

Well to my surprise, this was not the call I expected.

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Thank You to All the Caregivers

An interesting thing happened last week.  I had the opportunity to go onsite to a key partner, in conjunction with a new program launch.  The site was in Western North Carolina and I had chosen to drive versus fly – possibly one of the best travel decisions I have made.  This meant that I had a six hour drive home afterward – through beautiful Western North Carolina and Tennessee.  I drove the Blue Ridge Parkway west across the Eastern Continental Divide, stopping liberally to take pictures (like this one accompanying this blog). I have no doubt in my mind that in a week or two, the scenery would turn to a lush green, but would still be as spectacular as it had been when I visited last week.

I found my drive was an opportunity to spend some time reflecting introspectively.

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Remote Patient Monitoring CPT 99454 / CPT 99457 – An Update

It has been three months since the CMS CY 2019 reimbursement codes for remote patient monitoring (RPM) became effective – outlined in the 2019 Physician Fee Schedule.  At MobileHelp, we have been asked numerous questions and I thought it might be helpful to consolidate some of the questions and answers, by way of this post.

But first, can you explain the codes?

There are three non-face-to-face codes approved for remote patient monitoring (RPM), effective January 1, 2019.  Those codes are listed in the table below.

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HIMSS 2019: In a Word, Reimbursement

As the 2019 HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition is underway this week in Orlando, more than 45,000 professionals from more than 90 countries will gather to see and hear what’s new in education and innovation around information and technology in the healthcare industry.

And within the more than 300 education sessions, spanning interoperability, personalized healthcare, cybersecurity and analytics, we expect one underlying message will predominate: reimbursement.

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Welcome to the MobileHelp Healthcare Blog

We’re excited about launching this blog as it coincides with the relaunch of our MobileHelp® Healthcare website, which we invite you to browse if you haven’t had a chance: www.mobilehelphealthcare.com.

On the MobileHelp Healthcare Blog, you’ll find information related to our professional mission – helping healthcare professionals and organizations connect to and support their patients – in both the short- and long-term.

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